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It's the same thing every night
Always after I turn out the light
I'm lying here alone in the dark
and its so quiet
Songs race through my mind as
the day slips silently away
I close my eyes. I drift away
and suddenly you are here
You fill my life with love and laughter
How could a dream be so perfect?
I could build my life
around your love,nothing could go wrong
You give me hope, you give me strength
A love so soft and sweet
My days could never be the same
after night dreams of you
The night wears on as  if
light will never arrive
Time passes slowly
I slip into my dream
I turn to see you
lying beside me
the feeling all too real
Are you really here
or is it just my night dream
Babe, I gotta know
I can feel your warm body
soft kisses, gentle caresses
Gently the night wears on
Sunlight filters brightly
through the windowpane
another day dawning
a smile on my lips
dreams of the night past
Though only draems
Only you can make them last
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