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NightBird Castle
 This site is dedicated to the magical,
mystical side in all of us.
Blessed Journeys yon Traveler.....
And the winter became the fall
I was not ready for the winter
It makes no difference at all
"Cause I wear boots all summer long
Eye makeup dark and its careless
Some circles around my eyes
sometimes the real color of my skin
My eyes without any shadow
And when I call
Will you walk gently
Through my shadow
It's the ones who sing at night
(cries the nightbird)
The ones who sing at night
The ones you dream of
The ones who walk away
(the ones who run away)
With their capes pulled 'round them tight
Cryin' for the night
Cry for the nightbird
The winter is really here now
And the blankets that I love
Sometimes I am surrounded
By too much love
Through the dark and
The net of the lace
Pull back the net and
It's hard to see her face
(Just like the white winged dove)
And feel the touch
The touch that you want so much
Yes when I call
You can walk gently
Through my shadow
Just like the white winged dove
Don't be afraid
You'll see...You'll see
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